Church Quiz

There are a lot of interesting things to see and learn on a visit to St Martin’s Church. 

Why not have fun as you learn by taking part in our Quiz?
It starts at the main door at the west end of the Church.


  1. Where do you find the font? What is it for?
  2. Where are the hassocks (kneelers)? How do people use them?
  3. The pictures on the hassocks represent many aspects of North Perrott.  Make a list of them.
  4. Find two large painted panels, sculpted with scenes from the Bible.  Where in the nave are they?
  5. Who do you think is in the panel on the north (left hand side)? What is the story which it is telling?
  6. What does the story on the south (right hand side) panel show? Who are the people that you see there?
  7. Where is the pulpit? How many steps does it have? What is the pulpit for?
  8. Where is the lectern? What is it for?
  9. What is the musical instrument which is played in the church? Where is it?
  10. St Martin liked to help poor people. Where can you find a picture of him?
  11. What is he doing and why?
  12. Where can you see four pictures of kind women near St Martin?
  13. What do you think the women are doing in each of the pictures?
  14. Where can you see a picture of Jesus being praised by angels?
  15. How many angels are there?
  16. What old fashioned instruments are they using?
  17. Where are the heads of people carved in stone looking down on us?
  18. How many are there? Where is the one who is wearing a crown?
  19. At which end of the church is the altar: north, south, east or west?
  20. Where can you see a sculpted copy of a famous picture by Leonardo da Vinci?
  21. What important event in Jesus’s life does this show us?
  22. Where can you find two pictures of people in a boat on two different occasions?
  23. Why are the people in the boats looking frightened?
  24. What did Jesus do to save them?
  25. Where can you find many memorials on the church wall? What is the name of the family who is remembered there? (Some have slightly different spelling to their name)
  26. There are two tunnels, called squints in the church. Where are they?
  27. What important single item can be seen through each of the squints?
  28. How many crosses can you see in the church? (You have to look carefully for these)
  29. There is a cross called a crucifix in the church;
    i) Where is it?
    ii) How is it different from the others?
  30. Why do we find signs of the cross in a Christian church?

How did you get on?

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