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St Martins Church is a Grade 1 listed building. It has Saxon origins and is a good example of a Perpendicular style of English church architecture.


Re-covering the church roof.
The past two and a half years have been sad ones for St. Martins and ,indeed, for us all in the parish. Vandals have attacked the church no less than ten times! All the roof covering of lead on four separate surfaces has, during these raids ,been taken from the roof.This has left the roof exposed to the rafters. The roof surfaces are now thinly covered by tarpaulins, which deteriorate in bad weather conditions, allowing leaks to penetrate in many places , doing considerable damage to the interior.

St Martins church is of great value , not only as our parish church, which dates back for over 1,000 years, but also as an historic building which is Grade 1 listed on the national scale. It forms an important part of the heritage of the village of North Perrott, and we as members of the village are , I feel sure, proud of it and wish to cherish it! It holds precious memories of the past for many of us and also former members of the village.

WE MUST SAVE OUR CHURCH!......HOW can we save it?
After much consultation it has been decided that the roof should be covered with terne coated stainless steel , which is tough, durable, and has little re-sale value.It would be almost impossible for this metal to be removed from the roof by pilferers. Furthermore, this material would be guaranteed for 99 years, whereas cheaper man-made roof coverings would be , on average, guaranteed for merely 25 years, which is a very short time in the life of this ancient building! Furthermore, these man-made materials would not be permitted either by the Planning Authorities or by English Heritage.

Our church insurers will only be able to help with a fraction of the cost, owing to the fact that there have been so many cases of lead theft all over the country. So this will be an expensive undertaking, and we shall have to stand on our own feet! Can we do it? We believe that , if we all unite and contribute to this important project, we can! A kind volunteer is applying on our behalf to charitable trusts, who may give us generous help-but only IF- WE can be seen to raise some of the costs ourselves!


6 April 2016 at 7pm, PCC meeting at Symes Farmhouse, North Perrott (unless otherwise notified)

20 April 2016 at 7pm, Annual Meeting at St Martin's Church, North Perrott

9 April 2016 at 10.30 - 12.30. Coffee Morning at Pester's Orchard, North Perrott

Sunday 19 June 2016. Gardens Open Day with veteran, vintage and classic car display. Themed scarecrows around the village. Flower Festival in St Martin's Church. Morning coffee, lunches, teas. Ample parking.

Sunday 10 July 2016. Summer Fete at North Perrott Cricket Club ground.; Many stalls and sideshows. Display of owls. Plenty for children including bouncy castle and slippery horse. BBQ, ice creams, teas and home made cakes.

July/August (details to follow). Opera concert in St Martin's Church

Sunday 28 August 2016. The Parrett Challenge, held at North Perrott Cricket Club ground. Family fun day with team games of skill and cunning! BBQ, ice creams, teas and home made cakes.

September 2016 (details and date to be confirmed). Talk on Art by Lawrence Fine Art.

October 2016 (date to be confirmed. Harvest Supper

October 2016 (date to be confirmed). Harvest Festival

Monday 31 October 2016. Bingo. Good quality hampers to be won.

Friday 18 November 2016. Christmas Sale, Crewkerne

Saturday 3 December 2016. Christmas Concert with songs and readings by Parnham Voices Choir

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